He’s a real-life rainmaker!

I’ve seen the results Zac Romero has generated firsthand. He’s a real-life rainmaker!

-- Perry Marshall | Author: Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising


Million Dollar Copywriter Snags Zac Romero

I snagged Zac Romero to work on my copywriting team for a major health mailer. I want him working with me – not the competition.

-- Carline Anglade-Cole | Cole Marketing Solutions


Now, I’m in the mid 7 figures per year!

When I first started working with Zac Romero my business was puttering along at about $7K to $10K per month. Now, I’m well over 7 figures per year and I just had my best month ever! Every female entrepreneur needs a Zac. He’s been the lion at my gate, defending my position and keeping hyenas away. He’s written all my lead-generation ads, my highly profitable sales copy, my back-end sales copy and he’s a joy to work with.

-- Robin Anthony | Founder, Renu Herbs


$3,100,000 in sales!

Thanks for the copy for our Forex Mastery launch. It did $1.8MM on launch and another $1.3MM in relaunch.

-- Brett Fogle | Options University


$210,000 in the first 7 days!

Zac Romero recently wrote me a sales letter that brought in a whopping $210,000 in the first 7 days! Let me tell you, there are very few copywriters in the world who can do that. If you need a VSL or sales letter written, he’s your man for the job.

-- Jesse Forrest


$243,600 in 72 hours!

There are very few people that can persuade in print. Zac Romero is one of the few. Recently, he helped create an entire new product line in my business. Then, he wrote the sales copy for me that brought in a huge return of $243,600 in 72 hours. His persuasion skills are among the elite. I’d tell you to use him in your business but any time he has I want him working for mine. He’s my secret weapon and I plan on using him for years to come to skyrocket my sales well into the millions!

-- Kenrick Cleveland | Persuasion Expert, Influence Marketing


He came highly recommended…

Zac Romero is amamzing. I’ve hired him multiple times for important projects-and every time he’s delivered sizzling hot copy. He came highly recommended and that’s why I continue to use him again and again. If you’re looking for someone to write crisp, hot-selling copy designed to make you maximum profits, I highly recommend Zac Romero.

-- Jeff Gardner | Gardner Marketing Group


Zac Romero writes explosive hot copy

When Zac burst on the scene back in 2004 I knew he had what it takes. A sales letter he wrote for me converted at over 12% on cold traffic. Zac Romero writes explosive hot copy. Best I’ve seen in a while.

-- Harlan Kilstein | Top Dog, Woof Publishing


I’ve gotten ridiculously high conversion rates…

Finding the perfect copywriter can be very difficult. After an endless search, recommendations all led me to Zac Romero. This guy knows the psychology of selling with numerous results to back him up. It was probably the wisest decision to hire. Why? I’ve not only had marketing pros compliment on the copy, but I’ve gotten ridiculously high conversion rates to sell out my memberships. Great reputation for a great guy. I already have plans to hire him again for my future projects.

-- Ernest Tan | Singapore


$195,550 in just 8 days

I am amazed by the power of Zac Romero’s copy. The campaign he engineered brought in $195,550 in just 8 days for a new product. We made $69,938 within the first 24 hours. That is amazing! Zac delivered on every promise he made. You are lucky if you get a chance to work with Zac. His copy will be your money printing machine. I highly recommend Zac Romero.

-- Song Chenxiang | Singapore


I now own a very profitable business

I’m lucky I talked with Zac before I launched my SaaS business. If I continued down the path I was on, I would have never made a profit. Thanks to Zac’s strategic insights, marketing tactics and overall understanding of what motivates people to buy–over and over again–I now own a very profitable business. Thank you!

-- Raphael Tompkins | Founder, Realasponse


Can we include you in our book?

The work you did for us was amazing! Can we include you in our book? We teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the web for increased sales. We’d like to include you in our book as a recommended resource they should access for increased sales.

-- Kevin Wilke | Nitro Marketing


Zac delivers again and again

I continue to use Zac Romero’s sales-generating skills for all my clients. When money is on the line, I need high-converting copy. Zac delivers again and again.

-- Gary Guerrero | Guerrero Marketing


$100,000 in less than 5 days

One recent sales letter he wrote me broke $100,000 in less than 5 days, with a conversion rate hovering in the 4%-8% range. If you ask me that’s pretty impressive. If you’re thinking about someone to write your copy, I wholeheartedly recommend Zac Romero, hands down. Your bank account deserves it.

-- Michel Fortin | CEO, The Licorice Group