This is the page where most people write about themselves in the third person. Instead, I’ll just tell you what I can do for you:

I can grow your leads, your sales, your repeatable revenue streams, and scale your systems so you’re not pulling your hair out of your head when all the growth happens. If you’re already over $12,000,000 in annual revenue, I’m not your guy.

My focus is “passion to profits”… from 6 figures to the early 8 figures. That’s where my experience is, that’s who I want to help. After that, things get political and the founder has to focus more on team and communication than marketing.

This is my dedication, and it’s why I created: People. Product. Pitch. … where I teach entrepreneurs how to grow their passion to a business.

I’m a Direct-Response Copywriter and Consultant. If you need help in these areas, click here.